Results will be published here as they come to hand:
Division 1 Wet  races
Div 1 Solos      Rory Clark “the Destroyer”
Div 1 Pairs      Tilda and Annabel    “Buoyance”
Div 1 3+           Abigail   “SS Sheemo”
Dry races:
1st:    Ewan Pfeffer
2nd:   Jorja Nation, Ella Hume
3rd:    Taspe Shepard, Rory Clarke
Division 2
Wet Races
1st:       Hamish Watson “Hopeful Puffin Mark 3”
2nd:      Amelia Hanson, Cecelia Bence “Marilyn Monrow”
Division 3
Wet Races
1st:       Alan Harris “Foot and Playsted Flier”
2nd:     Lance (South Launceston Rotary)
3rd:      Coxy  “Forward Ship”
4th:      Dennis Turner (gastroparesis)

Winners of Raffle
1st Prize:
2nd Prize:
3rd Prize:
4th Prize:      Christen

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