Race Format

1.   All crew must be registered and signed in before safety briefing at 10:15am.
2.   Each person will need to be equipped with a PFD (Personal Flotation Device).
3.   Each division will have separate category heats for Solo sailors and Crews of 2, & 3+.
4.   Boats deemed “illegal” can compete in the illegal category in that division.
5.   Heats will consist of up to 4 boats at a time .
6.   Division Champion will be awarded to the fastest boat over all heats within their category.
7.   Teams will start on the beach and will navigate the course around the 2 buoys, returning to the finishing line on the beach.
8.   The race must begin and end with the full crew.
9.   Swimming with and/or pulling the boat is allowed.
10.   Interfering with or the use of the dock or other boats will result in disqualification.


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